Dr. Pani Farvid is an academic specializing in Applied and Social Psychology. She is an Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology at  The New School University  in New York City. She teaches and researches in the area of social psychology, psychology of gender and sexuality, technology and intimacy, and social justice.

Prior to taking up this role in 2019, she spent eight years at Auckland University of Technology ( AUT ) in Aotearoa/New Zealand, where she developed successful  teaching and research  programs, as well as a wide-ranging  media profile  addressing social and psychological issues.

Dr. Farvid is a critical scholar who works with interdisciplinary research teams, community organizations and policy makers across the globe. Her work seeks to redress social injustices affecting women, LGBTQI+, migrants, and other marginalized groups.

Academic Work

Pani is widely published with 40 academic articles and book chapters that cover a wide range of social and psychological topics. She has presented over 60 talks at multiple national and international conferences and is frequently invited to speak at academic, community, school and business events. She is a well-known expert in her field and is currently completing a book on The Psychology of Heterosexuality (published through Palgrave New York).

In the Media

Pani is a frequent media commentator on issues related to gender, sexuality, sexism, relationships and psychology. She has been interviewed for several written pieces as well as TV and Radio. She was selected in 2016 to do a TEDx talk in on “saying goodbye to binary gender” and was one of the relationship experts on Married at First Sight NZ in 2017. She currently writes for the country’s largest newspaper (The NZ Herald) on topical issues such as racism, relationships, sexuality. Pani also had a weekly segment with Mark Sainsbury on Radio Live called “psych talk” for over a year and is a frequent guest on Radio New Zealand. She is one of the ‘go to’ psychological experts in Aoteara/New Zealand.


Pani is heavily involved in community organisations in pursuit of social justice, particularly for those who are marginalised. She was a key speaker at the Women’s March NZ in 2017, and is closely linked with many women’s and community organisations such as the Auckland Women’s Centre, Zonta International and Refugee and Survivors New Zealand. She is convener elect for the 40 year old feminist organisation, The Women’s Studies Association of New Zealand/Pae Akoranga Wāhine Aotearoa.


“The basis of gender inequality is the idea that there are two discrete and distinct genders and that one of these genders is inferior to the other. In order to achieve gender equality in New Zealand and globally, it’s time to focus on primary prevention. That is, approaches that stop sexism happening before it takes hold, through gender equality education and the debunking of gender polarity.”